Introduction to
China New Energy Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd

China New Energy Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd. is an international automobile company that is committed to producing a lineup of the most advanced new energy vehicles. Its main office is located in Hong Kong. It has a registered capital of HKD 160 million. It has developed an outstanding system of integrating new energy materials, new energy minerals, electricity research and development, and production and sales of parts. It is composed of experts known for their significant contributions in the fields of new energy management and operations that are essential in the production and sales of new energy vehicles and providing the most efficient after-sales service system. The company is committed to producing vehicles that are innovative and responsive to present and future needs. Its lineup of vehicles includes the world's most-advanced stroke emergency vehicles, meteorological-monitoring vehicles, environmental-monitoring vehicles, medical transport vehicles, fully-loaded emergency trucks, agricultural and consumer goods vehicles, comprehensive signal transmission vehicles, auto-command vehicles, and automatic transmission vehicles. Aside from its ever-reliable four-wheeled and cargo vehicles, it has also expanded to producing two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles. From its base in Hong Kong, through its partnership with other global automobile companies, CNEAI is duty-bound to deliver all these around the world in a manner that both the society and environment are taken care of.

China New Energy Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd